Ariane Karbe und Hannes Obermair

Please criticise!

It’s half time for the exhibition THE ETHIOPIAN CLOAK. It’s time to open the discussion, also towards Ethiopia. What do you think: should the cloak go back to Ethiopia? General Enea Navarini brought it from the Italo-Abyssinian war to Villa Freischütz in 1938. We do not (yet) know the exact circumstances: was the cloak a […]

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The coat

The Ethiopian Cloak

With our current project, we are getting involved in the decolonisation debate that is currently stirring the museum landscape. We are researching the history of an object that came into the collection of Villa Freischütz from a former colony. It is a magnificently embroidered coat from Ethiopia. We try to reconstruct the journey of the […]

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First friends made!

First friends made! We are happy. Every single friendship supports our work and helps to bring Merano’s (hi)story to life at Villa Freischütz. Welcome! The annual membership fee costs 100 €. As a member you enjoy free admission to the museum. Members who pay more than 500 € as an annual fee gain free admission […]

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Curtain up! The house museum ‘Villa Freischütz’ is open! Welcome to ‘Villa Freischütz’! 

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