Art from the chambers of the heart: the painter and graphic artist Georg Greve-Lindau (1876-1963)

Villa Freischütz dedicates the second part of the exhibition series “Eyes open! Villa Freischütz and its artists” to the German impressionist Georg Greve-Lindau. After the First World War he lost touch with the top of the art scene, but he remained productive until his old age and left his mark also in Merano. The show presents the highlights from over 200 works preserved in the collection of his uncle Franz Fromm. Visitors can thus immerse themselves in the multifaceted œuvre of this unjustly forgotten artist: from the colorful oil paintings to the outstandingly crafted etchings to intimate glimpses of family life under the roof of the Villa Freischütz.

The special exhibition can be seen during the usual opening hours of Villa Freischütz.

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