Nomination for the EMYA 2024 Museum Award

We at the House Museum Villa Freischütz are happy and proud to have been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2024. Together with the Museo Giovanni Poleni in Padua, we are one of only two Italian museums that can hope to win the prestigious award this year, which is regarded as the “Oscar of the museum world”.

Awarded by the European Museum Forum (EMF), it honours museums for innovative exhibition and educational work as well as a creative and future-oriented approach to socially relevant topics.

In the five years since our opening, we have organised numerous projects in precisely this spirit and have always seen ourselves less as an institution and more as a network of socially committed people. Issues such as sustainability and inclusion are more than just buzzwords for us; they have been lived from the very beginning, not least through close dialogue with the local population.

The nomination already met with a great response in the press and was the subject of a detailed article in the weekly newspaper ff as well as an interview with curator Ariane Karbe at

Editing: Tobias Demetz

The EMYA is awarded in a total of six categories, and we would be particularly pleased to receive the Award for Hospitality, Inclusion and Belonging, sponsored by the Museu de Portimão. With our concept, which puts the visitor at the centre and allows them to participate, our chances are certainly not bad. So keep your fingers crossed for us…

The award ceremony will take place on the 4th of May in Portimão, Portugal. Foundation President Herta Waldner and curator Ariane Karbe will be there and are already looking forward to meeting the representatives of the 49 nominated museums.

The list of nominees can be found on the EMYA website: The application videos of the individual museums can also be viewed there.

Special thanks to Tobias Demetz for editing our video.